SimplyTell It

Say it with SimplyTell It!

Say it with SimplyTell It!

Whether celebrating a birthday, wedding, or a party with friends, SimplyTell It is a friendly and unifying experience. Offering guests a unique, unforgettable moment is every host’s goal. 

SimplyTell It has an easy-to-use interface which allows you to ask various funny or saucy questions to your guests, filming their answers.

• Can you get closer to the camera and try to make it blush?

• What is the best # (hashtag) to describe this evening?

• Leave me a message the Oscars’ way!

Looking to surprise a friend by collecting videos from other friends sending their best wishes?! 

With the "Shared Project" feature, SimplyTell It allows you to create and to invite guests to participate in a project. You will receive each of the guests' videos and will be able to merge these together.